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How to make your car live longer

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How to make your car live longer

We all want our cars to last as long as they can but sometimes their lifetime gets cut short. The average age of a scrapped vehicle is about 14 years, but the average age of on-the-road cars is closer to 8 years. So, below are a list of tips to help lower your running costs and keep your car on the road for many years.

Maintain the car’s battery

When you don’t drive your car for a long time, the battery deteriorates and goes flat. If your car is kept in a garage for an extended length of time, try using a trickle charger to keep the battery charged or a battery conditioner if it seems to be holding less charge than usual. If your battery does run flat, jump-starting your car puts excessive pressure on it and may harm the engine management system and other sensitive components, resulting in increased damage. You should aim to drive your car at least once a week, especially in the winter if you don’t have access to a trickle charger.

Change filters frequently

The oil filter and air filter in your car become clogged over time, so it’s critical to replace them on a regular basis. They should be replaced as part of a routine service, but because both are reasonably straightforward procedures, especially replacing the air filter, you might as well try it yourself and save money. It’s also possible to extend the life of the air filter by cleaning it. Cleaning and changing filters should be done according to the instructions in the car’s manual, and authentic parts should be used. Cheap, low-quality filters may cause long-term harm to your engine.

Use air conditioning regularly

Air conditioners lose refrigerant gas over time, especially if they aren’t utilised on a regular basis. You may save money by turning off your air conditioner, but you may wind up with a charge for air conditioning re-gassing instead. So it’s best to keep using your air conditioner regularly. This also means letting your vents blow cold occasionally in the winter too.

Is your car reaching the end of the road?

Not to worry, simply check out one of our used cars at auction. It’s easy to sign up, and bidding can all be done online. You’ll have to pick up the car in person though! Any other questions, get in contact with us.

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