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How to avoid car breakdowns

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How to avoid car breakdowns

It can be frustrating and costly when your car constantly breaks down. Oftentimes, breakdowns happen because of simple maintenance issues which could easily be avoided. Read the tips below to avoid future car breakdowns.

Flat car battery

If you have issues with starting your car, there may be a problem with the car battery. A car’s battery powers the starter motor, which then starts the engine and turns the alternator, which recharges the battery. Reasons car batteries go flat:

● A faulty component

● A fault with the battery

● An issue with the car’s charging system

● Using your car only for short journeys

● Leaving your car unused for a long time

● Old age Most car batteries have a guarantee of 3 – 5 years before failing. Make sure you replace your car battery after that otherwise you could run into some trouble.

Punctured tyres

Punctures in the tyres are often caused by a sharp object, but can also occur when the tyre hits a kerb or pothole, when the tyre’s valve fails or gets damaged or when the tyre and rim separate after a collision. Tyres can also be damaged by old age due to a worn tyre tread. To prevent a breakdown due to your tyres, you can do some simple checks:

● Check tyre tread and pressure regularly

● Get a tyre centre or garage to check the wheels are aligned correctly

● Adjust tyre pressure if you’re driving heavy loads

● Avoid driving over potholes or through puddles


If your temperature warning light is on, there may be an issue with the engine or cooling system. If steam is coming from your engine or the temperature warning light is on, pull over to the nearest safe spot. To avoid your car overheating make sure you constantly check and top up your coolant and check your car’s cooling fan. If you notice the coolant level has dropped, check for leaks and visit a garage so they can solve the issue.

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