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Why your old tyres are dangerous?

Why are old tyres dangerous?

There are many dangers old tyres can cause such as accidents and death. This is why from February 2021 the UK government has banned tyres that are more than 10 years old from the front axles of heavy vehicles. This includes lorries, coaches, buses and minibuses. There are currently no plans to ban old tyres from normal cars but it can still be dangerous. Find out how below.

How do old tyres become dangerous?

The older a tyre is, the less safe it becomes. Since tyres go through a strenuous life, it can impact the tyre’s structure which makes it more likely for the tyre to fail. As a tyre becomes older, the rubber becomes less pliable which makes it difficult to stop quickly. How roadworthy a tyre is, depends on various factors such as how the tyres are stored, how they are used, the road conditions, if they’re well maintained and the driving style of the driver. That’s why tyre manufacturers don’t have consistent recommendations.

What causes tyres to deteriorate?

Since tyres are made out of rubber, it can lead to the deterioration of tyres as they age. The materials weaken and break down which results in the tyre hardening. As the materials become more brittle, it can lead to the tyre cracking. Also, extreme temperatures can cause tyres to deteriorate over time, leading to tyres expanding and contracting constantly. This movement can significantly weaken the tyre’s structure, leading to cracks.

How can I tell how old my tyres are?

The date your tyre was made is stamped on the tyre. You can find the writing on the sidewall, with DOT in front of it. You will see 4 numbers. The first 2 numbers are for the week of the year and the last 2 numbers are for the year. For example, 0221 means the second week of the year, which is in January, in 2021. If your tyre has cracks, it will be an MOT failure because it could cause a dangerous blowout. So it’s always best to check your tyres every so often.

Are your tyres not the only thing you need changing?

Not to worry, simply check out one of our cars at auction. It’s easy to sign up, and bidding can all be done online. You’ll have to pick up the car in person though! Any other questions, get in contact with us.

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