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Keeping Your Car Clean Is Important

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Why keeping your car clean is important

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. However, odds are your car isn’t looking too perky right now with a grimey thick layer of dirt wrapped all around the vehicle. With good weather on the horizon, now is the perfect opportunity to give your vehicle a nice spring clean car wash. We go through why it’s important to clean your car and how it can help you.

Salt on roads affect cars

Over the winter, local officials apply salt to the roads. This is to avoid a layer of ice forming in freezing conditions. That’s perfect for us, but not so much for our engines. When we drive over it, the salt dissolves in the moisture on the asphalt and is flicked off by the tyres. This coats the lower sections of the bodywork, within the wheel arches, and the ground under the vehicle in salt. This then continues to work on metal, searching for any points of weaknesses.

Corrosive rainwater

Rainwater is more corrosive than normal water. It absorbs contaminants from the atmosphere when it falls from the sky, especially in contaminated urban and industrial areas. These toxins, which are often acidic in nature, settle on the car’s paintwork as it lands on it. You must remove the acid rain buildup before it chips away at the protective coat that maintains the paint’s glossy look.

Cleaner car means safer car

Your vehicle will have been pelted with mud and moisture during winter. This can coat the glass as well as adhere to the paintwork. This makes it very hard to see, particularly when the sun is low in the sky. Wash the car and scrub the windows inside and out, and you can see hazards even faster.

Find damages to your car quicker

Damage is much more difficult to detect when the vehicle is dusty. This may be windscreen chips, bodywork dents, or other paintwork destruction. A windscreen chip that is outside of the wiper’s sweeping area can be fixed, but a crack cannot. It’s much cheaper to get paintwork chips or other bodywork damage repaired before rust sets in.

Increase car value

The better a car’s condition, the more it’s worth. According to used car valuation analysts, washing a car will increase its value by up to 10%. This depends on how much the car is worth initially.

Increase your fitness levels

A spring car wash is an excellent total-body workout. You’re reaching for higher places, such as the roof and to wash sections lower down, such as the pedals, you must bend and squat. And if you’re washing or drying, your arms are having a nice workout. You’ll be fit in no time.

Does your car need more than cleaning?

Not to worry, check out one of our cars at auction. It’s easy to sign up, and bidding can all be done online. You’ll have to pick up the car in person though! Any other questions, get in contact with us.

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