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Car hacks that actually damage your car

Car hacks that actually damage your car

You might be using household items to solve any issues rather than going to a mechanic, or maybe you’re trying something new to impress your friends. Either way, we look into some of these hacks to see how truly damaging and expensive they are.

Eggs in radiator to solve leaks

The assumption behind this solution is that the egg white and yolk solidify when added to the heat, so the cooling system pulls the eggs to the leak and plugs it. The truth is, however, you can’t put fluid straight into the radiator with the majority of modern cars. As a result, there is no assurance that the egg will get to the leak. The egg is more likely to clog your cooling system than benefit your vehicle. Rather than repairing a leak, you can purchase a new cooling system or if your car radiator is leaking, you can look for a garage to fix it.

Repairing a dent with boiling water

According to many, this trick can make the panel flexible so you can simply push it out from the outside. In reality, though, this is only possible if the dented panel is made from plastic. You’re more likely to burn your feet with boiling water than repair any dents.

Using nail polish to remove scratches

Some suggest that if you buy nail polish in the same colour as your car, you can easily cover up any scratches it may have. In fact, coordinating colours is a little more difficult. When dry and exposed to natural light, the nail polish colour will look completely different to the colour in the bottle. If you want to fix any scratches on your car, get a professional to do the repairs for a sleek and refined look.

Removing rust with Coca-Cola

Many claim that because Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, it can react with rust and dissolve it. As a result, this will leave a surface shiny and new. The truth is that the quantity of phosphoric acid in Coke is negligible, around 0.2% by volume. To have a greater effect, you would need to submerge the rusty material for days. If you want to get rid of rust, there are several commercial products available for you to use.

Cleaning your interior with kitchen oil

We’ve all heard that instead of spending a lot of money on cleaning your car’s interior, you can instead rub your dashboard and seats with olive or vegetable oil. It is true that this method will make your plastic and leather surfaces will look shiny and be revitalised. However, when the oil decays in warm temperatures, it will get sticky and begin to smell. A better way to clean your interior is using seat wipes and upholstery cleaners.

Repair windscreen chips using super glue or clear nail polish

Some say that this trick will stop the damage from spreading by filling the borders surrounding it. In reality, both substances are too liquid to remain in the chip until dry. This makes it impossible to apply unless you can park on a steep enough hill that your windscreen is exactly level. Also, the superglue becomes cloudy when dried. So you might have to get a new windscreen to pass the MOT. Instead of using this hack, go to a professional to get your windscreen chip repairs done. This will keep your car safe and fully functional.

Need a new car instead of constant repairs?

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