Car Auction Pros & Cons .

What are the pros and cons of car auctions?

Wondering if buying a car from auction is right for you? This blog will help you make the right decision for you!

Pros of buying a car at auction.

A wide selection of vehicles

One of the pros of buying from auction, and Letchworth Motor Auctions in particular, is the wide selection. We are proud to be Hertfordshire’s largest independent motor auction and offer vehicles across a spectrum from the likes of sporty Mercedes through to Ford family cars. We are constantly adding to our auction stock list so it is worth subscribing to our mailing list to be the first to see what is on offer.

Grab a bargain

Our customers give great feedback on how pleased they are with grabbing a bargain. Research shows vehicles purchased from auctions are usually up to 20% cheaper than buying a car from a private seller.

Find a rare gem!

An auction can be a great place to find rare and vintage vehicles. We offer a classic vehicle auction where some true gems can be found including retro vehicles. Browse our full range.

A great day out

A car auction can be a great day out. Walking around, viewing all of the vehicles on offer and then attending a live auction can have a real buzz. Even if you come away empty handed, our auctions are usually brimming with car enthusiasts that you can connect with, and potentially, help you track down your dream car.

It is easy!

The process of bidding on a vehicle at our auction is super easy. You can attend a live action in person or if you prefer you can bid easily online, or through our app where you can bid in real time.

Delivering your car straight to your door

We have a nationwide delivery service making it even easier for you to find your dream car.

Cons of buying a car at auction.

There are many advantages to buying a car at auction, however, there are also some disadvantages to consider – we think the pros vastly outweigh the cons!

No test drives

Sit inside the vehicle, take a look around, even start the engine! But unfortunately, car auctions do not have test drives available.

Buying and selling fees

All auctions have buying and selling fees. We have buying and selling fees in two handy tables. For private buyers and for trade buyers. In most cases, winning a vehicle from the auction room, plus the selling fee should still equate to a lower price than buying from a private seller.

Decided that buying from action is for you? View our action stock list and see if you can grab a bargain.


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