Which cars are set to be a future classic and hold their value?.

Which cars are set to be a future classic and hold their value?

Buying a car from an auction that will keep its value might seem like a daunting experience – especially with so many options available, and conflicting views on what a future classic might look like! Here are a few insider ideas that might inspire your next purchase from hot hatches right through to off-road road rides.

Ford Fiesta ST200

The fun, fast and practical Ford Fiesta ST200 is sure to end up as a future classic. Research shows whilst the car isn’t set to rise in value, it is currently showing signs of keeping its value. It could be to do with the fact there has been a change in design to make it a limited model. The Ford Fiesta ST200 is a faster, more powerful version of our favourite small hot hatch. There are some extra features including a change in the gearbox, updates to the steering, as well as being painted in a unique Storm Grey.

Toyota MR2

The comfortable and reliable Toyota MR2, has been steadily rising in value over the recent years. With its powerful engine, superior quality and low maintenance costs, (and the fact it doesn’t have a hefty price tag like some classic cars!) We see this as a great investment. The Toyota MR2 was originally produced in a relatively low quantity, meaning that over time, the Toyota MR2 will become a rarity!

Ford Focus RS

Destined to be a future classic, the sporty, 350 horsepower, Ford Focus RS is loved by many! Together with its turbocharged engine, iconic appeal, and great handling capabilities, it is clear to see why it’s a favourite. From seeing how well previous models held their value, we are sure that the Ford Focus RS will have the same destiny.

MINI Cooper R50

The British icon, MINI Cooper R50, is fast becoming a modern classic. Made by the giants in the car industry, BMW, the MINI Cooper R50 gives you a fun driving experience. According to research, MINI Coopers are one of the brands that depreciate the slowest, compared to a lot of other makes and models. Being the first of its kind, and not being manufactured any more, this sporty, loveable car is set to be a classic.

Land Rover Defender

This well equipped, luxury off-roader remains in demand. It’s not surprising due to its go-anywhere ability, great speed, and the fact it is an extremely functional vehicle. Research has suggested that the value of the Land Rover Defender is actually increasing due to them being seen as having a classic status. So there you have it! Some insider tips of cars that are set to be future classics. If you have been inspired to look further, browse our auction catalogue of classic and retro vehicles available at our next motor auction.


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