Essential Checks To Make After Buying A Used Car Used Car.

4 essential checks to make after buying a used car

If you have just purchased a used vehicle there are some crucial steps you should do before you hit the road. Here are 4 essential checks to ensure your car is road ready, legal and most importantly, safe!

1. Ensure the car is road ready

This sounds simple, but research shows half of drivers say they only occasionally check their car before setting off on a journey! Regular under the bonnet checks are crucial, even more so when you have purchased a used car. Ensure to check the engine oil, the engine coolant level, brake fluid level and screenwash. Other less-frequent checks need to be made too: 3 Blog Content | Letchworth Motor Auctions | OCT 2022 Remember to check your tyre tread, test your vehicle’s lights (get a friend to help with this!) and check for chips or cracks in the windscreen. One that can be forgotten is checking the engine air filter. Be sure to change this every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes up first. And lastly, the cam belt – also known as a timing belt. If this snaps whilst driving you could end up with a wrecked engine. As such it is helpful to find out when it was last changed, and very important find out what the manufacturers recommendations are as they vary between make and model. Some vehicles suggest a change after 40,000 miles, some after 100,000, and some every 4 years. If in doubt – make getting a new belt a priority.

2. Check for existing recalls

As technology changes over time, companies recall products due to them not being up to current standards. Be sure to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for any recall information and updates that need to be carried out on your vehicle. More often than not these updates affect both passenger and driver and should not be ignored. Not only should you check for recalls when you purchase your car, but to do this periodically throughout your time of ownership.

3. The legal bit

There are a few legal bits to cover before you can get in a car and take it for a spin. After buying a used car you’ll need to register it in your name to prove you are the rightful keeper, this can be done in a few ways depending on whether your car came with a log book. Next, ensure the vehicle has an up to date MOT. A handy tip is to register the vehicle for MOT reminders, that way you’ll never have a panic about when it is due! Lastly, insure and tax the vehicle to make it legal on the road.

4. Consider an extended warranty

If you’re buying a used car that has exceeded its warranty period, you may want to consider an extended warranty. Extended warranties should tell you exactly what it covers as well as anything that is excluded. You may also be able to specify exactly what it is you would like the cover to include. The cost and length of the extended warranty usually depends on the age of the car and the expected annual mileage. 4 Blog Content | Letchworth Motor Auctions | OCT 2022

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