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How to use less petrol when driving

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How to use less petrol when driving

Autumn 2021 saw a fuel shortage across the country with long queues and chaos on UK roads. Using less petrol will help you save money as well as the panic of needing to find petrol stations with fuel. Below are tips on how to save petrol when driving around.

Keep it slow and steady

The engine’s fuel consumption may be reduced by keeping your speed slow and steady. It should also mean less braking, allowing your tank to stay fuller for longer.

Drive on shorter routes

Prepare ahead of time by determining the shortest route to your destination. It’s also worth looking for a route that avoids motorways whenever possible. This will assist in making your travel as economical as possible.

Keep your car weight light

Carry as little weight as possible in the vehicle. It doesn’t take much more weight to impose a strain on a car, which results in increased fuel usage.

Turn off the air-con and close the windows

Using air conditioning while driving increases a vehicle’s fuel usage. Furthermore, having the windows open causes drag in the car, which causes your tank to deplete considerably faster.

Combine multiple short trips

While you should only drive if absolutely necessary, if you can, combine numerous small trips into one larger trip. If you only drive once, you’ll need less fuel to warm up the engine.

Check tyre pressure and oil level

Keeping your tyres at the proper pressure helps them to run as efficiently as possible. While it may be difficult to fill them up at a petrol station right now, doing it at home will be extremely beneficial. Check your oil level to make sure it’s where it should be. Check the sort of oil you’re using if you need to top up; some oils can help your engine run more effectively.

Turn off the engine

If you’re delayed in heavy traffic or waiting for passengers and it’s safe to do so, turn off your car’s engine to save fuel.

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