Should I buy a  diesel or petrol car?.

Should I buy a second hand diesel or petrol car?

Are you on the fence in the petrol vs diesel debate? To help you decide which is best for you there are some key questions to consider.
Thinking about what you will use your vehicle for is a great place to start. Are you planning long journeys? Towing a caravan? Or just using it for short commutes to work? Many people choose petrol over diesel as the initial purchase price is usually cheaper. However, when buying at auction, you could grab yourself a bargain, and money is no longer a deciding factor. Read on to find out other advantages and disadvantages between petrol and diesel that might sway your decision.

Which one is more economical?

If you’re looking to go on long journeys, diesel engines might just be for you. They could save you up to 2 litres of fuel for every 100 miles over a petrol vehicle. They also have more pulling power which makes them great for towing other vehicles. Diesels usually have a more efficient engine which means fewer refuelling stops on long journeys.

If you are looking to do shorter journeys, such as popping into town or a short drive to work, petrol vehicles might be the way forward. They are much better at withstanding stopping and starting in traffic, have a smoother drive and quicker acceleration from a stand still.

Which one has better emissions?

This is still up for debate. Petrol vehicles generate less local air pollution than diesel cars. However, their CO2 emissions are not so good. Diesel vehicles emit fewer hydrocarbons, but produce more noxious gases.

What is the price difference?

As mentioned above, the initial pay out for diesel cars are usually more expensive than a petrol car. They are also more expensive if something goes wrong and needs to be fixed. Petrol prices are cheaper than diesel and petrol cars are usually cheaper to fix and maintain.

Temperature tolerance

Petrol is great up against our chilly winters, with it being able to withstand -60°C temperatures. Diesel on the other hand, has got a tendency to gel together in colder climates.

Is it true that diesel cars are being banned?

Petrol and diesel car sales are set to be banned by 2030. However, this only includes the sale of new vehicles. You can still drive your existing petrol or diesel vehicle. You will also still be able to buy these vehicles from auction as it’s only a ban on new cars. More information can be found on the GOV website. Whether you’ve decided that a diesel or petrol vehicle would suit you best take a look at our auctions stocklist to find your next vehicle!


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